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Minutes of our meeting of 15th September 2022 Venue Coral Star Taverna and on Skype.

Present: Patti, Rick, Mike White, Bob and June. On Skype: Nikki and John

Nikki read her homework contribution 'The summer of Change' about a cat’s adventures after its owner had died.

Rick continued his latest mystery novel with Chapter 18 of 'Missing Art', entitled 'An unexpected find'.

June read 'Cat in summer' another homework piece, a true story about her cat, Tigger.

Mike contributed an amusing story about a group of animal who meet up in a public house, entitled 'Animal Magic'.

John put his contribution on Skype but had to leave the meeting before being able to share it with the Group. We shall look forward to hearing 'The Rise of the Geriactivists' next week.

Patti read her contribution to a previous set homework about what one did during summer. It is called 'My vacation' and is a true story about her holiday in Kenya.

To round off the session, Bob kept us enthralled with Chapter 14 of 'Breathe Free' about

Operation Phoenix and efforts to locate Hart in Cyprus.

Prompt for next Thursday. A Queen Story.




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