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Minutes of Our Meeting of 13 October 2022 Venue Coral Star Taverna Coral Bay Cyprus

The Meeting commenced at10.30 a.m.

Present: Mike W, Steve, Patti, Rick Maria & June

Skype: John and Bob

John: Started the meeting with an example, entitled 'Against all the Gods' of how to format a story into a script for BBC radio. Act 1 takes place in a bar and later in Act 2 moves to the local church. He was encouraged to continue the story.

Maria: Contributed a short poem about a ghost, entitled 'Life is too Short.'

Although Nikki was unable to attend the meeting, she had sent in an interesting piece related to the homework, written by a 10 year old.

Steve: Read two homework contributions, the first a very beautiful descriptive piece which had been written by Julie, who had previously attended PWG and the second his own about a ghost’s observations at a bus stop.

Mike: Read 'Nigh Life” about a person suffering from Polymorphic Life Eruption, who takes a job in Iceland and while there several unexplained murders take place. A story with a twist!

Patti: Read a tear jerker true story about her beloved golden retriever which she was forced to leave behind in Kenya, whose spirit visits her in Hong Kong in the form of a bright light to let her know he had died and to say goodbye.

At this point John left the meeting for another appointment.

Rick: Read Chapter 20 of “Missing Art’ which tells of Mike and Valerie’s second wedding (her third) which takes place on April 17, 1948.

Bob: Read Chapter 18 of 'Breathe Free' which takes us back to Jess in the UK, who is second in charge of running 'Operation Unique'.

Steve: Entertained us with the conclusion to his book 'Virtual Vacuum’.

For next week’s meeting no particular prompt was suggested and it was left to members to write about anything they would like to contribute.

With thanks to June for taking the minutes.


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