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Minutes of Our Meeting of 10th June 2021. Venue The Roost and on Skype.

Greetings scribes.

Present at today’s meeting: Nikki, Jennie, Jennifer, June, Rick, Bob & John. Apologies from: Gina & Dee.

We’d like to thank our host, Nikki for making us welcome at The Roost and Jennie for leading the meeting. John took the minutes.

Attendees gathered outside in the sun with multiple laptops for the Skype communication.

The meeting started soon after 11.00am with readings:

John: “Audition.” An extract from his work in progress, “Norm and Dig Going South.” With a reference to flutter, from last week’s prompt.

Rick: “Chateau’s Treasure.” Chapter 27 from his Work in progress, war novel.

Nikki: Chapter 66 of her work in progress with a flutter reference.

Coffee break 11.50 Thanks again Nikki. After which readings continued:

Jennie: “Mrs Mallorie’s Kitchen.” From her work in progress fairy tale.

Jennifer: A new chapter from her work in progress novel.

Bob: The next chapter of “The Woman Across the Street,” currently in editorial stage.

The meeting closed a little before 1:00 in time for lunch.

This Week’s Writing Prompt: “For years s/he carefully planned this day.”

Next week we hope to be back at Neo’s but if not Skype will come to our rescue again.

Please watch out for updates.


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