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MINUTES OF MEETING 01 October 2020 Venue: Neo's Sports Bar.

Present: Jennnie Michael, Rick, Dee, Derek, June, Gina,Bob.

Zoom attendee: John

Meeting commenced at 11am

Bob led the group into an interesting forum on ‘Writing a synopsis’. Please find notes attached.

Readings from two weeks ago Dee a topical apocalyptic pandemic story

Readings-Bob :from the first synopsis of his first book ‘Last Gasp’.

Readings continued with June: A synopsis, from her Autobiography ‘Tears and Symphony’

Coffee break-12 oclock till 12-15

Last week’s homework Jennie: ‘Words of Wisdom’. A very clever use of the words which were given. A really interesting piece.

Readings: Micheal: ‘Comotosed’. Looking at the life he faces, he prefers to remain comotosed.

Readings: Rick Chapter 11 ‘The Roman Road’. An interesting historical account travelling to

Old Lundinimun, (London) from the past to present. With settings from Dickens novels Shakespeares Twelfth Night, William Wallace. A very diverse view of our past

Readings Rick: ‘Living in Cyprus’, His artical explains to us what initially lured him to live here , with sparkling imagery, from begonias drooping over head a sun bleached courtyards Byzantine Churches and cross road to the middle east.

Homework for next week Write a synopsis for your favourite book or You have the power to stop time what do you do?

Next meeting: Thursday 8th October upstairs at Neos please note we are restricted in numbers so please let Gina or Jennie know if you are coming. And don’t forget your facemask.


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