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Minute of our Skype meeting of 5 August 2021

Greetings Scribes.

I hope you are all well. Our informal, Skype catch up meeting was attended by June, Rick, Bob & John.

June read a revised chapter from “Tears and Symphony” which is still as yet unpublished.

Rick read the denouement of his WWII novel.

Bob read another tantalising chapter from “The Woman Across the Street.”

John read “Encounters”, a suite of four short pieces written in response to a challenge to write a complete story in 40 words and proposed we all have a go at it ready for the next meeting.

Copies of all the above are available on our PWG Skype Meeting page.

We have scheduled a Skype meeting for Thursday 2nd September. 10:30 Cyprus time.

Hopefully it might be possible to make it a face to face as well. We will have to await developments.

Developments: Please note that we will meet at Neo's, Peyia on September 2nd at 10:30 and run until 12:30/13:00. Please bring your SafePass or negative result of a PCR test, within a 72 hour timeframe and a mask. There will also be an option to attend by Skype.

Until then, stay safe and well. Keep writing.


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