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Important message: Autumn Term meetings

Dear All,

Due to the current, ongoing heatwave in Cyprus, following the Cyprus Education Minister's advice in delaying schools opening, and the need to wear masks in the meeting room, it has been decided to delay the start of our Autumn term to Thursday 18th September. Hoping that by this time the heat has dissipated and that we'll all be able to breathe, read and talk by then, in comfort.

Please note that we will be starting all meetings at 11am (Cyprus time) and finishing around 12:30pm, with the same social distancing numbers of 10 persons in the room.

As always, please email if you are able to attend in person and will be on a 'first response, first booked basis'.

If you would like to attend on Zoom, please also send a request on the same email above.

Please bring a mask with you, which must be worn for the duration of the meeting.

Happy writing, keep cool and look forward to the start of term on Thursday 17th September.


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