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Minutes of the Meeting 27 February 2020 Venue: Neo’s Sports Club, Pegeia.


John Goodwin, Jennie Rook, Dee Leigh, David Greensmith, June Megennis, Derek Whittle, Caroline Harman-Smith, Michael White, Richard Powell, Gillian Ainsworth, Beryl Lowe.

Apologies from Rich Palmer who is still recovering from his knee surgery.

Greetings Scribes,

A packed meeting with plenty of readings, for John’s final PWG meeting as Cyprus resident. John asked if anyone would like his Epson printer: it went to Beryl who was much in need as hers had died. Derek was also supplied with another box of books for the library. John thanked all of the members for their support in the group and is looking forward to his new writing journey in UK. Having said that he will follow events over here avidly.


Gillian: Based on last week’s homework: Show, Don’t tell – a story about a local man in Konia.

June: Based on last week’s homework: Show, Don’t tell – ‘The Rendezvous’.

Rick: Based on last week’s homework: Show, Don’t tell – ‘The Annual Check-up’.

Mike: Based on last week’s homework: Show, Don’t tell – a reflection on how Mike’s writing has progressed and changed.

Derek: Based on a previous week’s homework: ‘Toxic’ – ‘Father to Son’. – Memories of the day of his son’s birth which coincided with the time of the Chernobyl disaster.

Coffee break: 11:00 – 11:30


Caroline: ‘The mother of invention’ – a piece about take-away foods.

This led to a discussion about fast food and take-away beginnings worldwide.

John: Based on a last week’s homework: Show, Don’t tell. ‘A Murder of Crones.’ Characters in an old persons home.

Mike: ‘Infinity and Beyond’ – version 1 Original version

‘Infinity and Beyond’ – version 2 Using ‘Show, Don’t tell’ method.

Then a discussion followed on how the 2 pieces had improved from using the ‘Show, don’t tell’ method.

John: Based on next week’s homework as he will not be here: ‘The Witch’ – a fiction piece inspired by Gill’s writing genre.

A discussion followed on how to proceed with future meetings, when John leaves, after the next meeting. Mike offered to lead the first few meetings, with support of other members. Jennie will continue to keep the website and Facebook page updated. Derek has the library and will research some of the content for tutorials. Any other volunteers to help with the website will be appreciated, although some technical knowledge is required. John will be available on line for backup if needed.

Homework: ‘The Witch’

Write a story or poem in the fantasy, fiction genre, up to 500 words, using the above prompt. Let your imaginations run wild!

Next meeting will be on: Thursday 5 March at Neo’s Sports Club.

Thanks to all who attended and happy writing.

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