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Minutes of the Meeting 6 February 2020. Venue: Neo's Sports Bar Pegeia.


Derek Whittle, David Whitehouse, June Megennis, Richard (Rick) Powell, Dee Leigh, Paul Trebess John Goodwin, Michael White, Beryl Lowe.

Apologies: Caroline, Richard & Jennie.

Greetings Scribes,

An enjoyable meeting with plenty of topics of discussion this week. Our Secretary Richard is making good progress after his Knee opp. We look forward to welcoming him back soon. In the meantime we must thank June for stepping in to take notes this week. With the imminent departure of John the group must consider how to manage meetings after his departure.

On that subject John and Jean would like to invite all members to a leaving party on Saturday 29th February from 8pm at the Neptune Hotel. Please call in for a drink a buffet will be provided and there is a risk of music and dancing.

Readings: initially from last week’s writing prompt A Funny thing happened . . .

Beryl The Year of the Rat

David A Funny Thing Happened at the Hunt.

Paul Cows Opinion. (A follow on from Caroline’s story from last week.)

Derek: Questions and Answers

Mike Merchandising Co Tricks

After a break for Coffee the readings continued

June Funny things that happened to Tosca

John: Perchance to Dream

Rick. A Journey up the A29 a Roman Road

More discussions followed.

Homework: Writing Prompt: What’s in a Name . . .

How does a name conjure up an image or character? Create a story or poem or article that illustrates a character with a particularly appropriate name.

Example. Charles Dickens’ Ebenezer Scrooge Bob Cratchit, Jacob Marley. Or Adora Belle Dearheart, Moist von Ludwig, Cohen the Barbarian, from Terry Pratchett.

Next meeting will be: Thursday 13 February at Neo’s Sports Club.

Thanks to all who attended and happy writing.

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