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Minutes of the meeting 13 June 2019 Venue: Neos Sports Club, Pegeia.

Welcome scribes, last week’s writing prompt about a well-known phrase or saying, failed to stir anyone's brain except for Maurice who produced two books on the subject and gave us a few examples. Maybe it is too hot as we head for the summer break shortly. Having said that, this weeks from John should be a blockbuster.

Present: John Goodwin, Rich Palmer, Caroline Harman -Smith, Michael White, June Megennis, Bob Barker, Derek Whittle, Maurice Holloway.

Members please note: An Article about the PWG by Alix Norman is scheduled to appear in the Cyprus Sunday Mail this coming weekend. 16/6/2019

The meeting began with a general discussion on writing and the publication of Beryl Lowe's third book 'Lizzies Secret'.


Caroline story Ghosts

Relative to last week’s writing prompt, Maurice brought to the groups attention two books that explain the actual origins of well-known phases. Written by Albert Jack they were!: ‘Shaggy Dogs and Black Sheep’ and 'Red Herrings and White Elephants' He went on to read interesting and amusing examples:

Maurice sayings 'Having a decko'

Maurice sayings 'Going doo lally'

Maurice sayings 'Freezing the balls off a brass monkey'

Coffee break to

Mike story The Bacon Tree

June Memoir Social Life'

Maurice Extract from The Sword' (ghosts)

John Extract from new book Norman Digs going South.

This week’s writing prompt: Write anything about a Banana, 500 to 1000 words. (Keep it clean}.

Thanks to all those who attended, next meeting 20th, June at Neo's.

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