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Minutes of the meeting 9th May 2019 Venue: Neos Sports Club, Pegeia

Greetings scribes, A small but lively meeting this week. It was good to welcome Caroline back and I’d like to thank June for taking the notes for us.

Present: John Goodwin, June Megeniss, Maurice Holloway, Michael White, Mary Duffy, Beryl Lowe.

Readings (based on romance theme):

Michael Story (Androclese) Andrew Cleese and the Lion

Mary Story In Their Eyes

Maurice Story A Case of Mistaken Identity.

John Story Lucy & Sly.

Coffee break to

Caroline Story The Committee Meeting.

June Story The Belleis (A Breton Tale)

Reminder: There are extra threads on our Forum so that members can post any work that they would like feedback on. Just click on “Shared Documents” Box Type in your Title then in the next space Copy and past your text. Members can then comment.

If you are off island or otherwise unable to attend but want to respond to a writing prompt use the “Submissions” thread in the same way.

“The crescent” remains open for further development if you wish.

This week’s Writing Prompt: After a spring love story now try: Write a poem or story up to 1000 words on the theme of when love goes wrong.

Thanks to all who attended, next meeting 16/5/19 at Neos.

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