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Minutes of the meeting 11 April 2019 Venue Neos Sports Club, Pegeia.

Greetings scribes, what an excellent attendance.

Present: John Goodwin, Rich Palmer, David Greensmith, Paul Trebiss, Jennie Rook, Ann Joyce, Beryl Lowe, June Megeniss, Mary Duffy, Nikki Burrows, Helen Ratcliffe and guest speaker Andrea Busfield.

At John’s request our guest to introduce herself:

Andrea began her career as a junior with 'The Western Gazette', Somerset, a newspaper I have read many times over the years as my son lives in Yeovil.

She later became Deputy News Editor of the 'Sun' and ' News of the world' papers and also worked for 'NATO' traveling to many countries around the world including Afghanistan which formed the background for her two novels that were very successful.

Andrea now lives in Pegeia where she continues her writing career. She

runs creative writing and journalism workshops at the Chakra Art Gallery, in the old town, Paphos. The next class begins on 20th, April once a week for five weeks and costs 15 euro per session. For more information she can be contacted on 99914351.

As there was so much interest and interaction from members who were enthralled by her career as a journalist there were no general readings by members. These will be carried over to next week.

As this is her last meeting before returning to her home in Ireland Ann read her response to the writing prompt from last week, a poem about Rosses Point, County Sligo, where she lives.

Thanks to all who attended, next meeting Thursday 18th, April at Neos.

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