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Minutes of the meeting 21March 2019 Venue: Neos Sports Club, Pegeia

Greetings scribes, well spring is here and it brought out an excellent attendance of enthusiastic writers. We have asked for extra table and chair space next week so let us hope they are all filled.

Present: John Goodwin, Rich Palmer, Svetlana Garshina, Ann Joyce, June Megeniss, Bob Barker, Helen Ratcliffe, Maurice Holloway, Derek Whittle, Paul Trebiss, Gillian Ainsworth, Michael White, Mary Duffy, David Greensmith.


Helen Story What If'

Michael Story What If'

Derek Story What If'

Mary Story What If' You never knew.

Paul Story What If'

Maurice Story The Wizard’s Wand

Ann Poem September Morn.

Ann Poem The Captains Table.

Coffee break to

June Story What If'

Bob Extract Death in mind.

John Story What if' Madge knows best.

Notice: There are extra threads on our Forum so that members can post any work that they would like feedback on. Just click on “Shared Documents” Box Type in your Title then in the next space Copy and past your text. Members can then comment.

If you are off island or otherwise unable to attend but want to respond to a writing prompt use the “Submissions” thread in the same way.

“The crescent” remains open for further development if you wish.

This week’s Writing Prompt: Write a poem or story 500 to 1000 words about an unintended action or consequence.

Thanks to all who attended, next meeting 28\03\19 at Neos.

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