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Minutes of the meeting 28 February 2019 Venue Neos Sports Club, Pegeia.

Greetings scribes, an excellent turnout and lots of interesting stories plus 'The Crescent' goes from strength to strength as the characters begin to interact with each other. The pub quiz should create some interesting dialogue as the residents gather to pit their brains against other teams.

Present: John Goodwin Rich Palmer, Jennie Rook, Pat Wilson, June Megeniss, Svetlana Garshina, Michael White, David Greensmith, Gill Ainsworth, Maurice Holloway, Helen Ratcliffe.

John read out words and their meaning of how they had changed over many years. Bimbo, ejaculate, decimate, husband, silly and many more. Check them out on our tutorials page.


Svetlana Story Evangelisa.

Michael Story The dog walker.

David Article Aston Hall.

Gill Story Cat lady.

Rich Story Hugh and Anita, The Crescent.

Pat Story Action to prompt.

Pat Story Gone but not forgotten.

Coffee break to

John Scene Little boxes on a hillside. The Crescent

June Story Bellecks.

Michael Story Hell hath no fury.

This week’s writing prompt:

Chose your team in the quiz from your residents of the Crescent or create a separate team. Write their reaction to a question or two. Keep each one separate. Steve will be the quizmaster but create your own question. Let everyone know who is in your team by posting on Facebook or in the forum first come first served.


Maurice: Wayno & Ams + GIRLS + Visitors

Helen: Gemini, Ivan, Lucy. (Nigel doesn’t like crowds due to severe tinnitus)

John: Jeremy & Raymonde, Dave & Annie, Terry & Tricia (last time before working in care home from next week.)

Richard: Hugh & Anita, Emma and Roger.

Jennie: Smelly Guy.

Maurice 2: Cyclops & the Dragon.

Thanks to all who attended, next meeting 7th, March at Neos.

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