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Minutes of meeting of 14 February 2019 Venue Neo's Sports Club, Pegeia.

Greetings scribes. The saga of 'THE CRESCENT' continues with the website forum going from strength to strength.


David Crescent Billy Pierce

Michael Crescent Profile of Mick Mcann

Helen Crescent Little White Lie

Paul Crescent Eugene, the Postman

Maurice Crescent Weronbleedinoliday entwe

Coffee break to

Rich Poem The Veterans’ Plight

Svetlana Story Hello and Goodbye

June Story Tras jamais Sans Quatre

John Crescent Screech part 2

Writing prompt: write 500\1000 words on 'Talking at cross purposes' or

Continue with 'The Crescent' or even combine the two.

Thanks to all who attended on a cool grey day and to Svetlana for the Valentines day chocolates. next meeting 21\02\19 at Neos

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