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Minutes of the meeting 10 January 2019 Venue Neos Sports Club, Pegeia.

Welcome scribes, nice to see you back after the festive season and that you found time to write something between Christmas dinner, drink and mince pies. A new year is upon us and hopefully many new ideas.

Present: John Goodwin, Rich Palmer, Michael White, Derek Whittle, June Megeniss, Maurice Holloway, Caroline Harman-Smith, Pat Wilson.

John began the meeting by sharing notes on writing magazine articles, kindly provided by professional writer\editor Alix Norman. Alix is taking a keen and supportive interest in our group and although she is unable currently to attend our meetings we have made her an honorary member.

Readings Bases on Writing Prompt, an article about life here in Cyprus:

Michael Article Cyprus Life.

Derek Article Thinking of joining us.

Coffee break to

Pat Article Ghia sas-Life in Cyprus.

Rich Article Magazine Erotique

Maurice Article Barista'd

Caroline Article How to enjoy being an expat.

June Article Impressions of Cyprus.

John Article At home in Cyprus.

Other Readings:

Maurice Poem Scrumping written by a victim of MS

Rich Story Egg Shells in Many Colours. On behalf of Muhwezi Simpson, a teacher in Uganda. Written to show that despite our different skins we are the same underneath. Richard will convey our feedback.

This week’s writing prompt: Study the the notes from Alix (posted in our Tutorials page) Write an article or a blog piece. Any subject but consider your target audience and type of publication Wordcount as per Notes.

Thanks to all who attended and creating a lively and amusing meeting. Next meeting 17\01\18 at Neos.

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