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Minutes of the meeting 04 October 2018 Venue: Neoes Sports Club, Peyia.

Greetings scribes, as you know John is away till Wednesday so posting of Minutes will be delayed. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Rich Palmer, Eddy Kent, Caroline-Harman-Smith, Bob Barker, Nikki Burrows, Gill Ainsworth,

Maurice Holloway.

Bob chaired the meeting and asked each member to tell the group what their present writing tasks were.


Nikki Story A means to an end.

Rich Story The bright lights of London.

Eddy Poem Thinking of you.

Eddy Poem The Miner.

Coffee break to

Gill Poem An ode to a lecturer.

Maurice Story The great hair robbery.

Caroline Story Death at a circus.

Bob Story Family Reunion.

Eddy Poem When time stands still.

Homework: Write a story about a sudden explosion.

Thanks to all who attended, next meeting Thursday 11th, October at Neos.

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