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Minutes of the meeting 20Sept 2018 Venue Neo's Sports Club, Pegeia.

Greetings scribes, the hot weather continues as our writing capabilities become stretched from our usual poems and short stories, to a couple of weeks on biographies, followed by character building and script writing. Plenty to keep the mind active.

Present: John Goodwin, Rich Palmer, Beryl Lowe, Michael White, Gill Ainsworth, Dee Leigh, Maurice Holloway, June Megennis, Jennie Rook, Bob Barker.

The meeting began with a script writing layout example

explained by John, followed by a script reading of

Dopey and the Prince. Maurice read the Prince lines and Rich had the pleasure of the Dopey script.


Jill Story Character reading

Maurice Story The Long and Short of it.

Dee Story Character reading

Jennie Story Character building

Coffee break to


Michael Story First love

Bob Story Family reunion.

Rich Story Melissa, The biography

June Memoirs London Symphony Orchestra

Homework: Based on your characters, prepare a short script six to eight pages.

Thanks to all who attended, next meeting 27\09\18 at Neo's.

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