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Minutes of the meeting 13 Sept 2018 Venue: Neos Sports Club, Pegeia.

Greetings scribes, the new term is off to a good start with all members reading their stories

Present. John Goodwin, Rich Palmer, Dee Leigh, Michael White, Maurice Holloway, Gill Ainsworth, June Megennis, Caroline Harman-Smith.


Dee Story Across the lawn.

June Extract Memoirs.

Rich Story Well blow me.

Rich. Poem Pussy Pussy Pussy.

Michael Story Mrs Drew.

Gill Story Go!

Caroline Story Poets Day.

Maurice Story Word Choice.

John Story Happy Birthday.

Coffee break 11.00am to 11.15am

Exercise on character building. Create a fictitious character profile based on someone you can see. (Best done in a bar crowded with strangers)


John Story Pay day.

June Memoirs Alexander Schneider.

Homework: Write a story on your character-building exercise. Bear in mind we will developing this into a script next week. There are templates in the tutorial page for scripts.

If you want to see what a shooting script for a film looks like follow this link.

Thanks to all who attended, next meeting 20th, September at Neos.

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