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P.W.G minutes of the meeting 26\04\18 Venue: Neos Sports Club, Pegeia.

Greetings scribes, for an unusual homework title 'I FELT SICK' set by John, there was an excellent response followed by various discussions.

Present: John Goodwin, Rich Palmer, Michael White, Paul Rigby-Jones, Mary Duffy, Ann Joyce, Caroline Harman-Smith, Bob Barker.


Mary story Long John

Ann poem Green Apples

Caroline poem Be careful what you ask for.

Micheal poem I felt sick

Rich poem I felt sick

Coffee break: to 11.15am

Paul Story I felt sick

John Story Sea sick extract from Norm & Dig’s

Bob Prologue. Excerpt from 'OUT OF AIR'

This weeks Writing Prompt: Write a story in Epistolary format.

Tell your story with a beginning, middle and end in the form correspondence.

For example: A series of notes, fridge notes, texts, letters. (See notes in our Tutorial page)

Try to keep under 1000 words please.

Thanks to all who attended.

Next meeting Thursday 2nd, May at Neo's as usual.

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