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Minutes of the meeting 05 April 2018 Venue Neos Sports Club, Pegeia

Greetings Scribes: With spring in the air and summer weather on its way, let us hope it brings lots of inspiration and happiness.

Present: John Goodwin, Rich Palmer, Caroline Harman-Smith, Dee Leigh, Micheal White, June Megnnes, Charles Hadaad, Evie Morgan.

Readings :

Mike story Me and my dog

A discussion followed on narrative voice 1st vs 3rd person narrative

Evie story 'Out of the ordinary


Discussion on 3rd person narrative mode and (Notes in Tutorials page)

Coffee break to 11.15am.

Caroline story Punctuality

Dee story W.W.2 Dream Sequence

John story Madge knows best

Rich poem Brexit

John presented us with a word game: Find as many words possible ending in ECK.

Homework: Write a horror story in 3rd person. Around 500 words or so.

Thanks to all who attended. Next meeting 12th, April at Neos.

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