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PWG Minutes of the Meeting 22 February 2018

Venue: Neo’s Sports Club, Peyia


John Goodwin Jennie Rook Dee Leigh Maurice Holloway Beryl Lowe Mary Duffy

Nicola Simpson Caroline Harman-Smith Peggy Barnes (MBE) Gill Ainsworth

Greetings Scribes,

A well-attended meeting with a couple of past, welcome faces returning to the group.

John welcomed Peggy Barnes back, who was a member of the very first Writers group in Paphos.

Peggy has spent 12 years on her book ‘The Chinese Connection’ and it is now in print. The book is about her experiences as a Women’s Voluntary Service Overseas member at a new hospital in South West China. Subsequently, she taught not only nurses but also doctors and learnt Mandarin, finally setting up an AIDS/HIV centre called Peggy’s Health Centre to help sufferers of the disease. She wanted to share her story with the world. Peggy has now returned to Cyprus and is working on her biography.


Nicola Foreword ‘The Golden Flower Girl’ from the book ‘The Chinese Connection’

by Peggy Barnes

Nicola then introduced herself to the group. Many knew her from 2009 when she first joined PWG. Her book ‘Abigail’s Rainbow’ has been published and Nicola has now set up her own publishing company, Yellow Rose Publishing Ltd. She helps other writers tell their stories to aid their journeys of healing, after she herself went on an extensive healing journey. Now, Nicola has settled in Cyprus and is currently a wedding and event planner for Laura Beach Hotel in Paphos.


Gill Ainsworth One Vision Horror story Explaining through lines of story, with analysis and feedback

Maurice From his story Titus Explaining through lines of story, with analysis and feedback

Maurice 3rd in Series of

The Alphabetti Quartetti Explaining through lines of story, with analysis and feedback

Coffee break: 11.00 am to 11.15 am


Dee Where did it all go? Story Discussion and critique

Caroline Then she found out Story from prompt of her first PWG h/work. Discussion and critique

John Prologue from The Governor Explaining through lines of story, with analysis and feedback

A short discussion followed on publishing and the ‘Festival of the Sea’ event in Ireland, where John will visit and support Ann.


Write an ending to a story.

You may write any kind of ending for example; two endings or endings with a twist. In any genre and any setting. (300/500 words).

John will be putting notes about Endings in the Tutorial section of the website.

Next meeting will be on Thursday 1st March at Neo’s Sports Club.

Thanks to all who attended and happy writing.

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