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Minutes of PWG Meeting 15/02/2018

Venue: Neo’s Sports Bar.


John Goodwin, Caroline Harman Smith, Jennie Rook, Maurice Holloway, Nikki Burrows

Gill Ainsworth.


Richard Palmer Dee Leigh.

The meeting commenced at 10.00 am and was chaired by JG

JG opened the meeting with discussion reference Member Bob Barker’s books. This then moved on to the demise of Creatspace and dominance of Kindle. Authors and genres were discussed including JK Rowling’s non children’s fiction, some of which is written to go straight to screen and is therefore available only as screenplay. We then discussed characters and the fact that the major character in a piece of work should have a flaw.

Readings from writing prompt

Readings from the Writing prompt were;--

Maurice;- Head in the door

Jennie;- Opening from story from 2 weeks ago.

Nikki;- Opening chapter from Penny Lover.

Gillian;- The weather forecast

John;- Opening from The Govenor.


Your mission this week, should you decide to accept it is;-

Research the concept of “THROUGH LINES”, (See Notes in our Tutorials page). Make notes on a piece of your work and analyse where each of yours begin.

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