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Minutes of the meeting 01/02/18 Venue: Neos Sports club, Pegeia.

Present: John Goodwin, Rich Palmer, Sian Williams, Dee Leigh, Beryl Lowe, Jennie Rook.

Greetings scribes, well the meetings are becoming very interesting and informative with plenty of feedback, even more so if you are writing stories or a book. It is surprising how much you learn over a period of time.


Beryl gave us an insight to her third book, “Lizzies Secret” of which she has written two hundred and fifty pages so far. A discussion followed on book characters, protagonists and antagonists.

John Story Angus the Argyle duck

Rich Story Toby the roadie.

Coffee break to 11.15am

After the break John set us an exercise on developing characters. In particular to use a “side-kick” character to develop your main protagonist’s thoughts through dialogue. (Think of Sherlock Holmes & Dr Watson) This avoids lengthy tracts of reportage and keeps the action and plot moving.

The Exercise:

Using the clustering chart (to be found and downloaded from our tutorials page) fill in the basic traits of the characters involved.

Homework: Develop your charted Characters into a story or start of a story that introduces your protagonist and sidekick. Also think about a moral or premise for your story we will discuss next week.

Thanks to all who attended.

Next meeting Thursday 8th, February, same place, same time hope to see you then.

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