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Minutes of the meeting 18.01.18

Minutes of the meeting 18.01.18

Greetings scribes, thank goodness for veterans, only four attended the meeting which was not surprising considering the abysmal weather of torrential rain and howling winds. At least we had the heating on.

The veterans were John Goodwin, Richard Palmer, Caroline Harman-Smith and Dee Leigh.

Caroline has initiated a press advertising campaign to entice new members so please make us aware to your friends.

John reported that our recent promotion on Facebook had the following results.

7,567 people reached with 375 clicks to open it. 250 clicks on the link to our website

4 page likes, 1 comment, and 3 shares.

The demographic of the response was 71.2% women, 28.8% men all located in Cyprus.

Our total spend was €29.99

The meeting continued with a discussion on last week’s writing prompt which was the word 'POWER'.

John began with a mostly true story titled 'Power and the Gory'.

Caroline’s was a bit more cheeky with 'PUSSIE POWER'

Coffee break to

Dee read a poem titled 'PLANKS OF WOOD' followed by another 'A WHISPER'.

Lots of discussion followed.

Suggested for next week is to write a book review. It can be your favourite or the worst book you have ever read. Or Any book you want to bring to the groups attention. Obviously not one of your own.

Thanks to those who attended, next meeting 25th, January at Neos as usual.

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