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Minutes of the Meeting 16/11/17

P.W.G minutes of the meeting 16/11/17

at Neos Sports Club, Peyia.

Greetings scribes, the absence of regulars who have returned

to the U.K was noticeable this week. The meeting was lively but with a relaxed feeling.

Present: John Goodwin, Rich Palmer, Maurice Holloway, Jennie Rook, Caroline Harman-Smith, Ann Joyce.

Last week’s writing prompt was to write a children's story for a targeted age range and include a moral. Some interesting work was put forward.


Rich Story The Questionable Kid

Maurice Story Lily's First Bag

Jennie Story Rapunzel's Birthday.

Caroline Story Box of Secrets (Chapter, The Ankh)

Coffee Break 11.15. am to 11.30. am

Ann Story The Little Red Tractor.

John Story Noem & Did’s Epic Adventure (Chapter One. Urland)

Rich has finalised his book “Rich Imagination” with Anixe Publishing. (John). It joins his first book, “Rich Inspirations” available on Amazon and all good online outlets.

Paperback copies should be available here in a week.

Bob Barker continues to be successful on Amazon with his E-books

“The last Gasp” and “Final Breath.” Beryl Lowe’s E-book, “Susie’s Secret” was featured in a Smashwords new releases circular.

Homework: Write a story 500 to 1000 words on any subject, but with an unhappy ending. (Suggested by Maurice.)

Thanks to all who attended. Next meeting 23/11/17 at Neos.

Rich will be making an effort to encourage new members so please

spread the news.

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