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Minutes of the Meeting 9/11/17

Venue Neos Sports Club, Peyia.

Greetings scribes, a pleasant, interesting meeting with lots of discussion. The homework from last week, “An Unreliable Narrator,” point of view created quite a challenge, but some interesting stories were read out.

Present : John Goodwin Rich Palmer Jennie Rook

Beryl Lowe Caroline Harman Ann Joyce Maurice Holloway

Carol Robb and Tony Samson.

Readings :

Rich story Family business

Beryl story The Mirror

Caroline story Two years hard

Maurice story The ballad of Danny Boy

John story Ginny and the witch

Coffee break to

A discussion followed on Writers Workshop, writing for children

Of specific ages as per publishers categories. Notes in our Tutorials page.

Ann poem A song for Rosanne

Carol story The Soldiers

Tony story What power we hold

Caroline poem The sun through water

Homework : Write a story for children’s story. Tell us of your target age group,

500 to 1000 words, to include learning morals.

Thanks to all who attended, next meeting 16/11/17 at Neos.

Happy writing.

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