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Minutes of the meeting 2 November 2017 at Neos Sports Club, Pegia.

Greetings scribes, a well attended meeting with a couple of guests. We welcomed June Megennis and her husband Charles Haddad. June is writing her memoires and a very interesting life she has had travelling all over the world in charge of national orchestras working with some very famous artists.

Charles is an ex professional volley ball player and also wrote a book about his life which sold 20,000 copies. We look forward to more interesting stories from them in the future.

Present : John Goodwin Rich Palmer Ann Joyce Carol Robb

Maurice Holloway Eddy Kent Beryl Lowe Carol Harman

Tony Samson Alain Merheje June Megennis Charles Haddad.

Alain produced his new book 'How to be a wine connoisseur in 60 minutes' and brought a few copies for members followed by a discussion on marketing. We wish him every success.

Readings :

Eddy poem The house by a stream

Caroline story The lonely ghost

Ann story The house with the gates

Rich story The ghost of Mickey Mouse

Alain poem A halloween wedding

John story Board/ Bored

Coffee break to

Maurice story Penny for my thoughts (Unreliable Voice)

Carol story Romance

Eddy poem Barbie’s lost leg

Carol story Who goes there

Eddy poem Always in mind

Homework: write a story 500 words plus from the point of view of an unreliable narrator. See our tutorials page for notes on this.

Thanks to all who attended, next meeting Thursday 9th November at Neos.

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