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Minutes of the meeting 19/10/17

at Neos Sports Club, Pegeia.

Greetings scribes, another meeting full of rich content and varied subjects with plenty of feedback and lively discussion.

Recent homework topics have gone from the grace of 'Autumn',

to the passion of 'Romance’ into the mysterious world of 'Science Fiction'.

Present: John Goodwin Rich Palmer Dee Leigh Maurice Holloway John Winslow Tony Samson Caroline Harman and her son Mathew, guest.


Tony story Sense and Robotility

Caroline story Worlds Apart

Dee story 'C'

John G. story The last man smoking

John W. story Dame Edith Fortesque, heiress to a great smile.

Maurice Article Received Pronunciation

Rich poem The power of a smile

Tony poem Nature.

Homework: Descriptive writing: See "Descriptive Writing Exercise " on Tutorials page, identify descriptive writing techniques ready for next week, then write a story on the following topics using plenty of adjectives.

1. You are on an outward-bound course on the Menia Straits.

You are going to meet new people for the first time and to

have a new team building experience, how does it feel?

Describe your feelings and what happens.

2. You find yourself lost in a forest on your way home from a friend's house late at night on Halloween, describe your experience. Remember to use lots of ADJECTIVES to describe the creepy atmosphere. Homework courtesy of Dee.

Thanks to all who attended, next meeting Thursday 26/10/17 at Neos.

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