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PWG Minutes of the meeting 29 June 2017

Venue: Neo's Sports Club, Peyia

Greetings scribes, the hot weather has really kicked in as we head towards our summer break in a couple of weeks. As usual, our stalwart regulars supported the meeting.

Present :

John Goodwin Rich Palmer Jennie Rook Caroline Harman

Beryl Lowe Dee Leigh Eddy Kent Stewart Waddell

We had a long discussion on character writing with the intention of each member creating their own character, to form a group of people thrown together by circumstances beyond their control. The location is to be a tiny island off New Guinea, off the coast of Africa, in a remote area with an aircraft landing strip. The result eventually will be an interesting collaborative novel which will be published in book form and will consist of pieces of writing from all members wishing to take part. A previous example is 'The Raft of Life' by PWG members. John gave us a form to complete to help the writer establish their chosen character. Please go to our EVENTS page for full details and pro forma for your Character Profile. Email submissions to

Coffee break 11.00 am to 11.15 am


Caroline story Duldark - an amusing take on Poldark series

Stewart story Where are all the horses gone?

(Ageing Delboy from Only Fools and Horses series)

Caroline story Will there be a rainbow?

Homework: Write 500 words for the collaborative novel entitled 'For their own safety' based on the character of your choice showing how they will introduce themselves to the group at the beginning of the novel.

Thanks to all who attended.

Next meeting will be held on Thursday 6th July at Neo's Sports Club, Peyia.

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