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Minutes of our Meeting of 11 May 2017


John G. John W, Beryl, Eddie, Ann, Nikki, Caroline.

Readings from Homework

Caroline; Call me Bristly

Nikki; Always take your little friend with you.

John W; An Inanimate Action Force.

Other Readings

Ann; Sea Burial-1st 5 Verses. POEM

Eddie; The Sailor’s Prayer POEM

Eddie; The Dying Flowers POEM

Quiz Courtesy John W.

20 Gardening questions.

Speed Writing

Write a short piece encompassing at least 5 of the words from the quiz, either in or out of context.


Research based piece.

Write a fictional story encompassing 3 historical facts/events based on a non-living member of the people shown in Queen Victoria’s family tree. (i.e. A forbear or descendant).

Nikki Burrows-McCarthy,

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