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P.W.G minutes of the meeting 04/05/17

P.W.G minutes of the meeting 04/05/17

at Neos Sports Club, Peyia.

Greetings scribes, a low attendance this week due to various circumstances but we managed to fill two hours with interesting topics.

Present : John Goodwin Rich Palmer John Winslow

Beryl Lowe and Dee Leigh.


Rich story The Naked Truth

John W. story The rebirth of the Flying Scotsman

Dee story Tilley Trolley

Coffee break to

John G. story Life among the jet socks

Rich poem Socks

John W. gave us a quiz of the meaning of 17 words

Homework : write a story/ poem about an inanimate object.

Thanks to those who attended, next meeting Thursday, 11th, May at Neos. You will be pleased to hear Nicos is now at home recovering.

Rich Palmer secretary.

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