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P.W.G Minutes of the Meeting on 16 March 2017

Venue: Neo's Sports Club, Peyia

Greetings scribes, well what a lively meeting we had and an excellent attendance. Maybe the homework, 'Living with a transplant organ' had something to do with it. Caroline spiced things up with a male organ transplant of a different colour.


John Goodwin Rich Palmer Jennie Rook

Caroline Harman Eddy Kent John Winslow

James Sweetman Beryl Lowe Stewart Waddell Bob Barker


Stewart commenced the readings with a serious story about Christian Barnard the famous heart transplant surgeon.

Jennie followed with ' Heart to Heart'.

John W gave us an insight into old Retford railway station.

Coffee break: 10.50 am - 11.05 am


Caroline made us all smile with 'The only way is up'.

John G wrote 'Penmanship'

Rich gave ' The wonder of you' story of a magic jacket.

Eddie as usual wrote a beautiful poem, 'Behind the eyes'.

Bob finished the readings with a chapter follow up from ' The last gasp'.

There was much lighthearted discussion and good feedback. A very enjoyable meeting.

Homework: Write short story or poem on the topic 'Rumour has it'.

Thanks to all who attended, the next meeting will be on Thursday 23 March 2017 at Neo's Sports Club, Peyia

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