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P.W.G Minutes of the Meeting on 17 November 2016

Venue: Neo’s Sports Club, Peyia.


John Goodwin Rich Palmer John Winslow

Dee Leigh Jennie Rook Nicos Protopapas Eddy Kent

Stewart Waddell Caroline Hartman Claudine Snell Ann Wells

Guest members:

Arthur Martin was a member of the original group seven years ago, he has written a novel and enjoys writing songs.

John gave us a word test but caught every one out by asking for words ending in -ery. It was more difficult than it seemed at short notice.


John W. story Meet the bare but restricted bones of the family.

Dee story All we see or seemed

Eddy poem Feeding the ducks

Ann poem A welcome from Myer

Rich poem Bone of contention

Coffee break: 11.00 am to 11.15 am

Rich described his visit to the Rock FM studio in Paphos where his book 'Rich Inspirations' was mentioned and a poem was read.


Stewart story Day Trip

Arthur poem Body and Soul

Claudine story Continuation of 'Beginning'

Peter story Touche'_ Cliche.

Caroline story True or False


Introduce a fantasy character explain why they are different. Describe villain’s action, their reasons, make them believable.

Less than 1000 words.

A very well attended meeting, nice to see new members appearing on a regular basis.

Next meeting 10.00 am Thursday 24 November 2016.

Thanks to all who attended.

Do not forget Christmas party at Carmines cards and gifts, Peyia on Saturday 26 November 2016, book signings by group members.

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