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P.W.G Minutes of the Meeting on 13 October 2016

VENUE: Neo’s Sports Club, Peyia.


John Goodwin Stewart Waddell Caroline Hartman Jennie Rook

Rich Palmer John Winslow Sharon Whitehouse Dee Leigh

Bob Barker Eddy Kent Carol Rob Nicos Protopapas

Guest: Louise Grayden

Greeting Scribes. The meeting began with a discussion on poetry competition for schools.


John W. story The day the Earth stood still, cont. Stewart story Recurring nightmares (The invasion of Afghanistan 1838 and the Khyber Pass)

Caroline story Stolen

Followed by a discussion.

Louise Grayden, our guest member introduced herself. She is in writing groups in UK, from Whitby, Yorkshire.


Jennie Eddy’s poem The House upon the Hill.

Carol story The Prescription.

Coffee break 11.00 am to 11.15 am

Discussion on Richards book ' Rich Inspirations' Promiscuous Poems & Twisted Tales

Book Launch date is Saturday 22nd, October 2016 at Yialos Tavern, Coral Bay from

1.00pm onwards. A free drink and nibbles will be provided. All welcome.

Bob Barker read a chapter from the sequel to his last book, 'The Last Gasp' called

‘Final Breath’. The story is based in a prison in Cheshire. Feedback was given.


Dee story OSORIC.

Sharon story Outsides \ Insides. A story in song about mental illness.

John story Top Gear 35BC.

HOMEWORK: Write a story \ Poem in first person called 'WHY ME'.

Thanks to all who attended.

Next meeting: 10.00 am Thursday 20 October 2016 at Neo’s Sports Club

Rich Palmer


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