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P.W.G. Minutes of the meeting 21/07/16 at Neos Sports Club. Pegeia

Greeting scribes.

Considering the hot weather and time of year when people are away we had an excellent turnout for the meeting. Those present were

John Goodwin, Rich Palmer , Eddy Kent, Beryl Lowe, Caroline Hartman, Carol Robb, Dee Leigh, Stewart Waddell, Nicos Protopapas and Alain Meheje.

It was nice to see Alain again after some absence and to hear that his book 'How to be a wine connoisseur in 60 minutes' is to be published soon.

The meeting began with a discussion on tutorials chaired by John and the information will be available on the new group website.

The first reading was given by Beryl, a story about supermarket shopping called Guilt.

Last week’s homework was a story/poem on attraction and Stewart read a very moving story about his best friend Bryan who died. It was very emotional. Stewart slightly misheard the word and wrote about affection instead which was a good thing as we would not have heard such a powerful story.

Caroline read her poem 'Attraction'

Eddy displayed his talent once again with a heart-warming poem called ‘Attraction,’ about feelings from the heart.

Alain's story was entitled 'A whiter shade of porn'.

Carol gave us a lovely story called attraction about her childhood; ‘Memories of a day at the fairground.’

Dee was last to go before the coffee break with a poem 'An ode to Hilda' who was her grandmother.

After the break a speed writing challenge was set by John relating to 'Summer Dreams'.

This resulted in another poem by Eddy, 'When eyes flicker,' which was excellent considering the ten minutes we had been given.

Nicos gave us a story Summer Dreams followed by Dee's called ‘Get out of my head'.

Carol, Rich, Stewart, John and Beryl read a short piece on Summer Dreams.

Caroline gave us ‘Summer Confusion.’

Homework is to extend the speed writing session into a story, of around 500 words, or a poem if you prefer.

Thanks to all who attended. Next meeting and last before the summer break is Thursday 28/07/16 at Neos.

Rich Palmer Secretary.

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