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THE MINUTES OF OUR MEETING of 20 April 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus

Present at venue Rick, Mike, Peter, Patti and new member Elaine

On Skype John, Jordi, Bob and Dee.

Welcome to Elaine, a Cyprus expat resident, who is Welsh and has lived in various exotic places around the World but has now settled in Cyprus. She has written a book about online dating called ‘Guys and Lies’ of which she read the prologue. It has a great potential as a serious and sometimes comedic look of her experiences in the dating scene.

Patti then read ‘The Art Class’ a true account of her teenage experience in an Art course. When the female model danced naked for the class it raised concern about the balance of her mind.

Mike read ‘Challenging Homework’ his tongue in cheek attempt at studying the lives and backgrounds of famous people throughout history.

John gave us chapters 17 &18 of his latest book entitled ‘Arrival’ and ‘Rehearsal’. The entire crew and the sailors are invited to a concert in front of Peter Piper 1 the king of Everest. But what will the green sailors come up with?

Peter came up with the script for a short radio play. ‘Blue Blood’ a satirical look at Margaret Thatcher’s conception, early lifestyle and ultimate rise to power. A mad one woman rule. Dark and Funny.

Bob had Chapter 40 of ‘Breathe Free’. After making love, Pavlos confesses to Samone that he is a policeman and promises to protect her from harm from the Gang. Unaware that the room is bugged he tells all. Meanwhile in the room above four men are listening to their conversation with evil intentions……..

Rick’s travelogue covered river cruises with a small number of passengers and a more personal relationship with the crew members.

Jordi submitted his design for the cover of his book for comments. It was received well with a few minor changes put forward. He then presented ancient evidence recovered from South America which strongly suggests that people from the Atlantis area had travelled there thousands of years before Columbus. Interesting and entirely credible.

Dee read ‘OK Brian’ A prisoner is taken to an interrogation room and has to provide a mouth swab. The female doctor who takes it is very attractive and the prisoner has erotic thoughts and fantasies about her. Dee at her best!

It was a good meeting with an interesting range of subjects.

Theme for next week suggested by Peter ‘REVENGE’


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