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Minutes of the Meeting of 5th November 2020 Venue: Neo's Sports Bar Pegeia Cyprus.

Greetings fellow writers.

The Meeting was lead by Gina with Rick on Technology and Dee taking the Minutes.

Present at today's meeting: Gina, Michael, Dee, Rick, June.

Zoom attendees: Jennie, Bob, John, Nikki.

Readings began with June 'Bretton Musical Night'. A lovely entertaining piece, from a section of her Memoirs. Music ranging from classical, to jazz. this from her life living in rural Brittany.

John read: 'A Locked Room Mystery'. Tale from a stately home, with John playing a sleuth, as bangs and blood are investigated. A clever whodunnit.

Before the next reading Bob gave us some professional information about the term called the 'Judas window'. Originally the phrase comes from the hatch in a prison cell but in a locked room scenario this could be a hidden door, a window or even as small as a keyhole, as a way to commit the crime and escape detection.

Mike read: 'Why we wear the poppy'. A very touching true story of the history of the scarlet emblem of remembrance, due to the story of the unknown warrior/soldier. A well written, and emotional piece.

Also from Mike, a true story about Sergeant major Thomas Griffiths from the Royal Gloucestershire Regiment who Michael knew. Who was ninety two when he died. A remarkable man with no family and buried with full honours.

Nikki read from her work in progress. A grim, brutal, dystopian conclusion to the community of the world she has created.

Rick read 'Please not again'. It is 1939 and birth of the rise of the Nazi party. A reflective, view point , and personal, not wanting another war. As the first world war, still leaving it's devastating effect.

John a romantic encounter between The Reverend William Archibald Spooner and Mrs Malaprop.

Coffee break 12 12-15

The second half commenced with Dee reading 'All in the mind' A personal piece of prose about the decline and demise of my father lost to dementia.

Bob read from his work in progress: As his detective, Carver is on a plane to the United States. Reviewing and a journal entry from an earlier case. An intriguing lead-in to the outcome, of his US adventure.

John brought to the group’s attention “Forensics” a non-fiction book by Val McDermid, a section on facial recognition brings up the word physiognomy and automated systems using photo-anthropometric measurements. How small individual measurements are used. We also discussed the human version, known as Super-Recognisers, who are often employed by the police.

Homework for next week: Try to resolve a locked room murder situation or use the prompt ‘Bonfire Night'.

Meeting closed at 1 pm.


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