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Minutes of the meeting of 25th January 2024 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus

At Venue : Rick, Mike, Patti, Jordi, Jackie.

On Skype : JohnG, Bob, Bobby, Irene, June and Peter.


Bob – Property Checks

Continuing Bob’s story of his early career in the Police Force as a new constable on his first night duty beat. Accompanied by an experienced officer he learns that rear entrances to shop premises are left unlocked to allow access by patrolling officers. One by one they check backyards of shops, except for one, why is that?..........


Jordi – Odyssey

Odysseus’s stories of his adventures are investigated by Jordi regarding their truth or myth. The gold and riches looted from Egypt the land of the lotus eaters, a narcotic based story. The metalworkers of Cyprus, who wore masks made from the skulls of pygmy elephants giving rise to the myth of one eyed ‘Cyclops’ blacksmiths. Fascinating stuff!


Patti – A winter’s tale  

The story from Bella an Old English Sheepdog’s point of view of dirty tricks between farmers to gain use of the land. Bella is tipped off by a Red Kite when there is evil work going on. Raises her master and they catch the perpetrators red handed!


Peter – Script reading.

Continuing the madcap antics in the big house. As James ridicules Sister Donna and Mammy complains about the amount of whisky in her tea, then there is the cannibalism going on with the horses…….


Irene – Goodie Bags.

Exploring the various interpretations of goodie bags, children’s party gifts, games, charity gifts for the homeless, and promotional lines in shops.


Mike – Ned the drinker.

The tale of Ned whose life is based around the pub culture and his favourite brew. The night he gained access to the brewery with disastrous results.


Bobby – Magpies Ch 11

The group reach Ben Nevis, more bad news from home awaits them. Bayen is told that he must complete the last part of the journey on his own. This involves being out all night. He encounters a wolf who ridicules him for his fear of flying, in the chase which follows Bayen takes to the air to escape and conquers his fears. The wolf falls off a ledge and Bayen shows concern for his safety.


John G. A Sassenach’s guide to Burn’s Night

A humourous tongue in cheek investigation into the traditions of Burn’s Night. Very funny but don’t go to Scotland John!


John E. (Read by Jackie) Goodie Bags

During training the Royal Marines are given rations in a goodie bag, then at lunchtime a meal is provided but you are ill advised to eat too much…….

Trains –

A plain clothes officer makes his way back home still in ‘costume’ and carrying his weapon. He meets trouble on the train with three drunks. How does he handle it? With force or does he talk his way out of it. Choosing the latter the situation is saved with an unexpected bonus…..


A lively meeting with varied contributions.

Next subject  DREAMS.


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