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Minutes of the meeting of 24th September 2020 Venue Neo's sports Bar Paphos

Minutes of the meeting of 24th September 2020

Greetings fellow Writers.

Present at the meeting-Rick-Michael-Bob-Nikki-Gina-Dee.

Zoom attendees-John-Jennie

Meeting commenced at 11 am. With the discussion of Gina's Novel, an interesting thriller in the making. Then a short discussion ensued regarding her new venture.

Readings-Rick Chapter 6 from his 'Prisoner of War' novel. Relaxed easy pace, delving into the world of Antiques Art and a romance blossoming, The novel travels from Canada to Lewis in East Sussex UK.

Readings from Homework set last week: -'You are about to take your seat before take-off, when you find a shocking note on your seat'.

Nikki:-A pacey entertaining experience of her travels, prior and on board a well-known .com Airline. And we all empathized with her, due to our own similar dilemmas.

Michael: -'The Note'. A humorous story of an RAF Pilot and his escapades. Which eventually led to flying with the Red Arrows.

Readings continued with John-and his new book 'Magnetic Pole'. A study in the point of view from several characters, with adrenalin fuelled action. Followed by a discussion on formatting for effect

Coffee Break 12 06 till 12 15

Jennie-introduced us toa book she is reading called 'Emotional Craft and Fiction' by Donald Mass. Explaining how we can engage our readers with a deeper and more emotional understanding of the characters we write about.

John-informing us of the recent book he is reading by Author Val McDermid, on the history of Forensic science. Interesting reading indeed.

Readings continued with Bob;- A chapter from his work in progress a novel called 'The woman across the street'. A little taster of a nastier, nail biting suspense thriller to come.

Homework for next week-Write a piece to include a word that you previously knew not of but also including the words:


Unfathom – to solve a mystery, to come to understand something

and the phrase Beer/wine o'clock

It was agreed that next week we must agree our set up for future meetings.

Meeting closed at 1pm


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