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Minutes of our meeting of 25th May 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus

At venue Jordi, Mike and Patti.

On Skype John and Bob.

It was a depleted meeting this week with people away and Rick unavailable but nevertheless interesting and lively.

It started at 10.30 with a discussion about problems with Kindle and Amazon publishing experienced by Bob and John. It was all good advice for Jordi who is trying to publish his book.

Mike. Mayday. A situation created by extreme cold weather leads to the population re-discovering communal living conditions and enjoying the experience. The government feels that they are losing control of the population and move the army in to try and end the change. This results in an emergency call to the world. MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY!

Patti. Mayday. A well researched piece about May the first being the day of workers rights in America in the 1880’s. Also celebrations through history, Beltane bonfire celebrations, maypoles and traditional fertility celebrations dating back to the Iron Age.

John. ‘On with the show’ Chapters 21 and 22. The crew of the Lexi perform an Aria with the vocal backing of the green ape rowers choir, who then perform a rapping version of a popular song. Then they set sail for the ‘End of the World’ and make preparations for the launch of the balloon over the maelstrom.

Bob. Breathe Free Jamie and Megan are informed of the events of the previous evening by Vasilas and the commander. On return to HQ the commander finds two English detectives waiting in his office. One of whom is Jess………

There then followed a discussion about producing an audio book, whether to use professional actors or an AI computer generated speech system. (God help us!)

Jordi. More evidence about Giant warriors, or was it just one Akritas, with different interpretations of his name? Was he a Viking? Leading on to how the measurement of one metre was established thousands of years ago when nobody knew the dimensions of the planet earth.

Bob asked the question which was the best museum in Cyprus to discover ancient relics. Jordi recommended the Nicosia museum. This prompted Patti to recall a supernatural experience she had there in the ancient tombs section, when her exit was blocked by a figure dressed in a shroud. It disintegrated when she walked towards it. Whooo scary stuff!

Next week’s prompt ‘The Future of Mankind’


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