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Minutes of our meeting of 14th July 2022. Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus.

Present: Patti, Mike, Mike H, June, Bobby, Rick.

Skype: Bob & John

1 Rick read the latest chapter from his new novel 'Escape from Nancy' which takes a New turn and back to Vienna in 1942.

2 Patti attempted the homework 'The Mask'. An account of a tragic diving accident, written in the first person and based on true events.

3 Mike also attempted the homework, calling his piece 'The Masked Philanderer'. A parody of a debauched masked ball taking place in No 10 Downing


4 Bobby decided to write something as a light distraction from his latest novel His homework contribution entitled 'The Mask', a conspiracy theoryof how and from where the Covid virus first started.

5 Bob read the first part of Chapter 11 of 'Breath Free', moving the story on. He promised to complete it and further chapters by the time the Group re-convenes in September.

6 John read the Prologue to one of his novels entitled 'The Cull', the story of a mystery killer pollen given off by genetically engineered plants

7 Mike Hatch introduced us to the book he is currently writing called 'The Log Book'. A personal story of selling up and the adventures experienced when living for three years on a boat.

Before the meeting closed, Bob inquired after Bobby's novel, particularly in relation to formatting for an e-book and offered his assistance.

A summer break Prompt: "What I did in the Holidays"

With thanks to June for taking the minutes

Please note the next meeting will be held on September 8th at Coral Star.


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