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MINUTES OF OUR MEETING 4TH JAN 2024 VENUE: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus

AT VENUE: Rick, Mike, Patti and Jackie

SKYPE: John, June, Bobby, Peter, Irene and Bob.


June’s book is published at last – CONGRATULATIONS!


Irene – Christmas Past.

A nostalgic look back at childhood Christmases, Presents which she still has in the attic, Friends who have passed away, happy memories, comparing them with modern day Christmas. No comparison.


Patti – Serandipity.

Looking back to the 1990’s when she tried ‘speed dating’, just for a laugh with her friends striking up a relationship with Michael who she still has today! True serendipity.


Bobby – Ch.8 LONDON

The travelling magpie group take shelter in an alley where the fox attacks the waste bins looking for food. They meet a Siamese cat who wants to help them and suggests that they take a train to get out of London quickly.


Rick – Stane Street Ch 5

Pulborough to Sinfield Carrying on Ricks U Tube journey we pass a retired race horse centre, a country brewery and Billingshurst. Railway systems came in the 1800’s only to be ripped up gain one hundred years later.


Mike – Christmas Past/Passed

A nostalgic look back to the days of post war rationing, simple Christmas presents and entertainment. Compared with present-day money-orientated celebrations. Which do you prefer?


Peter – Play reading.

Amusing story carries on with members reading the parts. Virgil and James vie for the inheritance of father’s title. Nervous Osold meets Sister Donna who has taken a vow of silence. More madcap capers.


Jackie – Christmas Past.

Memories of Infant school, Fireworks, cold weather, being hospitalized over Christmas, operations on both legs, being in plaster for months, missing a whole year of school, then spending next Christmas at her brother’s house. More interesting Nostalgia.


A Brisk meeting giving rise to lots of people recalling their times in Christmas past…….


Next week’s theme  WINTER.


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