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Minutes for Our Meeting of 29th June 2023 Venue: Coral Star Taverna Pegeia Cyprus

At venue. Rick, Mike, Bob, Jennifer, June, Patti, Peter.

On Skype. John.

John - Socks in the City.

Telling the story of how socks can affect a person’s standing in certain jobs. Using as many ‘in jokes’ about knitted footwear that could be fitted in. A very funny witty observation of peoples’ hosiery.

Mike – The you tube family

The Covid lockdown drove some families to the point of self destruction until they came up with a solution. Homemade videos. A very good solution inspired by The Marsh Family.

Bob then raised a Youtube video from the family commenting on Boris’ resignation as an MP.

Patti – Families.

A well researched history of the different families that have ruled and influenced the world over the last couple of thousand years. Compared with modern day family units.

Peter – Tannis Isle.

Another script for a TV sitcom. An island is to be converted to a wind farm and the population distributed around the GB mainland. A council meeting is addressed by the company representative. Peter’s keen sense of humour fits every situation.

Rick – Ch 8. Help from Brighton.

A detective is assigned by Brighton CID to assist Max with the investigation because of the method of the murder, throat cut from ear to ear, a trade mark of the Brighton Razor Gang.

There then followed a discussion with Bob about police procedure and which rank would be involved. Maybe Max should be promoted.

Jennifer – Until September

A poem about PWG taking a summer break through the hot weather and a promise from her to attend more meetings now the book is finished. Written this morning it will be nice to see her next season.

Bob – Breathe Free Ch 47

Jamie Carver explains to Jess why he went AWOL and what he was trying to achieve. He reveals that Edmond Hart has thrown down a challenge to meet the next day!

Gripping stuff!

A lively and busy meeting, thank you to June for supplying doughnuts from her village bakery to mark her birthday. Happy Birthday June.

The summer break was decided, next week’s meeting on the 6th July will be the last until 7th September.

Prompt for next week – REINCARNATION suggested by Peter.

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