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Minutes of the meeting 31 January 2019 Venue: Neos Sports Club, Pegeia

P.W.G .

Rich Palmer, secretary.

Greetings scribes, an excellent turnout and lots of interesting stories on our new project, The Crescent, where interesting and unusual expats live in villas.

Present: John Goodwin, Rich Palmer, Helen Ratcliffe, Svetlana Garshina, Derek Whittle, June Megeniss, Michael White, Paul Trebess, Maurice Holloway and guest David Greensmith.

David introduced himself and has written several articles over the years.


Caroline Character Study Joshua. Read on her behalf by Maurice

Michael Character Study Mick the scally scouser.

Derek Character Study Vasile.

Paul Character Study Mrs Nosy Parker.

Maurice Epsode Ramonde and Jeremy.

Coffee break to

Helen Character Study Tony

John Epsode Chapter one-Dave and Anne.

David Article Pirate Radio.

David Article Jeremy Corbyn.

Writing prompt: Continue with soap episodes and write an episode similar to the examples from the point of view of your chosen resident. Show interaction between characters in a villa or taverna, 500\1000 words

Please log in to the forum to get notifications when stories are posted and post your own episode. We will shortly make this page members only.

Thanks to all who attended, next meeting 7th February at Neos.

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