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P.W.G. Minutes of the meeting 21 June 2018

Venue: Neo’s Sports Club, Peyia


Bob Barker Rich Palmer Jennie Rook Michael White John Eaton

Caroline Harman Smith Evey Morgan Tony Samson

Greetings Scribes,

Well the meetings just get better. Lots of readings on various topics, discussions and laughter. Very interesting and enjoyable.


Caroline story ' What's in the box' A look at the mental and educational effects the mobile phone has on children.

An interesting discussion followed from Caroline’s topical story of how there is a concern for children’s development with increasing technological advances. BBC announcing this morning that there is officially an ‘excessive gaming disorder’.

Michael story 'What's in the box'. Hilarious tale of taking a dead chicken to the vets.

Tony story 'What's in the box'

Rich story 'What's in the box'. A different version to the birth of Jesus.

Jennie story 'What's in the box'. A young woman jet-setter turns out to be a mature seventy year old celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary.

Bob made a request from the group to give their choices of his Facebook ad image for his Trilogy launch.

Coffee break: 11.00 am to 11.15 am


Evey story 'Box Tale' Grandad’s mystery box turns out to be empty.

John story 'A night on the piss with Chris (Aka 'Taff the Rat'). Written for his son to highlight the fact that John was not always so sensible. A Royal Marine story from 1980.

An open discussion followed on how one or two words in a story can cause the reader to not only change their view of the writer but also their judgment. As writers, we must be aware of the tone we wish our readers to feel. Also, it is important to think about whether it is appropriate to bring our personal feelings into the piece or not. We also touched on the importance of the ‘Show don’t Tell’ factor in our writing.

Caroline story 'Crisis on Proxima' Continuing with her ‘Proxima’ series, an Earth-like planet that has been sent a Bakewell pudding. Based on the true BBC reported story this week of a children’s school launching a Bakewell pudding into space with a balloon attached. It never returned.

John story Exercise 'Blue Dart' 1981, a march over Dartmoor as a marine, in the worst recorded weather on Dartmoor for 40 years (at that time). John followed with an educational discussion highlighting on the signs of hypothermia and how to treat a sufferer.

Bob An extract from his third D.C.I Carver crime books, in the trilogy.


A 101 Challenge

Write a story or poem in exactly 101 words with the writing prompt: 'I haven't brought one with me'.

Next meeting will be on Thursday 28th June at Neo’s Sports Club.

Final meeting will be on Thursday 19 July and lunch on Thursday 12th July.

Thanks to all who attended and happy writing.

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