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P.W.G minutes of the meeting 31/05/18 Location: Upstairs @ Neos Sports Bar

Greetings scribes: A lively meeting full of ghost stories.

Present: John Goodwin, Rich Palmer, Dee Leigh, Caroline Harman-Smith, Evey Morgan, Gill Ainsworth, Karen Mickellis, Michael White.

Readings, Ghost Stories:

Dee Story Field trip to lady

Caroline Story The cottage

Evey Story The ghost of love and lost

Gill Story Hearts entwined

Gill Story The pimple

Coffee break to

Rich Story Ghost writer

Micheal Story The ghost of Paddy Merry

John Story Adventures of a ghost writer

Karen Poem Halloween

Rich Story The ghost of Mickey Mouse.

This weeks writing prompt: Write a story 700 words or so or poem about sea.

Thanks to all who attended, next meeting 07/06/18 at Neos.

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