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PWG Minutes of the Meeting 6 July 2017

Venue: Neo's Sports Club, Peyia

Greetings scribes,

It's all systems go for the exciting, new project of this year's collaborative novel with each participating member creating a character and writing a story of approximately 7,000 words each. The character's story will be woven into the novel and around the plot.

The setting is on a Portuguese island known as 'Ilha Sagrada', (Sacred Island) in the Azores, where all the characters are stranded in the airport terminal building, now held by rebels. (See notes given in the meeting for the scenarios).


John Goodwin Rich Palmer Jennie Rook Stewart Waddell

Dee Leigh Caroline Harman Jordi Gordi Mary Duffy


John G. story The Minister's Intro

Stewart story Gabriel's Story (The Independent Naturalist)

A long discussion followed regarding characters and possible scenarios/plots. It was noted by John G. that any new characters, by absent members, can be submitted to him up to/until September.

Coffee break: 11.00 am to 11.15 am


Dee story Character (The Forensic Scientist/Profiler)

Jennie story The Journalist's Intro

Caroline story Character (The Nun's background)

Further discussion followed regarding the characters and how each could play off one another and spark various relationships.


For those who wrote their character's background: Edit that information into a 1st person dialogue piece, introducing the character to the others in the opening chapter. Send your final version, by email to John Goodwin.

For everyone: To begin your 7,000 word story. Think about which character(s) you will be engaging with, informing the relevant member(s) and agree a method(s) of how you will communicate with each other over the break, to discuss your characters' dialogues.

For those members not present and wish to contribute to the novel:

Follow both the above homeworks, read the previous x2 Minutes of the Meetings and keep your eye out for rest of the Minutes of the Meeting's notes.

Thanks to all who attended. It was nice to see Mary back after a brief absence.

Next meeting will be on 13 July 2017 at Neo's Sports Club. This will be the penultimate meeting before the summer break.

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