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Minutes of the meeting 12\01\17

P.W.G minutes of the meeting 12\01\17

Greetings scribes, another excellent turnout,will need more space at this rate,

but your presence and input is most welcome.

Present: John Goodwin Rich Palmer Nicos Protopapas Eddy Kent

Caroline Hartman John Winslow Peter Goldsbrough Carol Robb

Stewart Waddell Dee Leigh James Sweetman.

The meeting began with a quiz put forward by John Winslow.

He gave us 16 words relating to cooking and you had to choose from

A B C or D. Caroline scored a staggering 15 while I, who does not know

how to cook apart from a boiled egg and an omelette, managed a score of

eight, most of them guesses, but it was entertaining.

Readings :

Nicos story The first approach

John W. story Take it all with you

Stewart story Fighting back

Carol story The Village

Caroline story Coming of age in Finchley

Coffee break to

James story Nights and necessities

John G. gave us an article on Liminal space, story writing format.

A ten minute speed writing exercise followed relating to character

change in a story.

Homework: Write about a hero or heroin or continue with the

story in the speed writing exercise. Thanks to all who attended, next meeting

Thursday 19\01\17 at Neos.

Rich Palmer Secretary.

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