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P.W.G minutes of the meeting 08/09/16

Welcome Scribes.

An excellent lively meeting with a good attendance and input of readings. It was nice of you to reserve me a seat next to such charming company.

Those present where : John Goodwin Rich Palmer Carol Hartman Eddy Kent John Winslow Nicos Protopapos Stewart Waddell Dee Leigh Paul Rigby Jones on his second and last visit as he returns to the UK.

We welcomed Jennie Rook who introduced herself.

She has been in Cyprus for 14 years and lives in Yeriskipou. She works as a freelance P.A. mostly on line. She has her own website and wishes to get back into writing. She describes herself as artistic.

John presented a video on Rhythm. Comparing the different types of language forms poetry and prose using words and music by the 'Beatles' to illustrate the different forms. A link will be in the tutorials Page

Readings Based on the writing prompt “From a different point of view” followed.

Eddy Poem Why hate

Paul Story The New Emperor

Jenny Story A take on Cinderella

Dee Story Snowy (Incorporating most of Disney’s characters)

Caroline Story The Children (Hansel and Gretel)

Coffee break to 11.15am

Eddy read an amazing poem called ' Where were you '. It related to the destruction of the twin towers in the U.S. It was unanimously voted our poem of the month and is now featured on our website.

A short discussion followed and we all agreed that the poem along with many others by Eddy, should be published in a book.

Nicos read his true story about a girl who had her arm attached to her side due to scalding. “Marie the wonderful.”

John W. Gave a story “A place by the sea.”

Finally I read my poem, “Away with the fairies” although nervously as it was in my usual risque mode. I am pleased to say it was warmly received and I have asked John to include it in my forthcoming book, “Rich Inspirations, Promiscuous Poems and Twisted Tales.”

Our Writing prompt was inspired by Eddy. Write a poem or short story 500 words or so based on the phrase “I Remember where I was . . .” This can be on any topic global or personal.

Happy writing and thanks for those who attended.

Next meeting 15/09/16 at Neos.

Rich Palmer

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