Present: John Goodwin, Rich Palmer, Jordi Guri, Dee Leigh, Paul Trebess, June Megennis, Charles Hadaad, Michael White.

John started the meeting with a presentation on Narrative Mode.

Narrative point of view in the creative writing describes the narrator's position in rel...

Greetings scribes, how nice to see interesting people from all walks of life round the tables at our writing group. The knowledge and input from all members enriches our weekly meetings.

We would like to send our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Jennie we look forwa...

Welcome scribes, after an absence of a month I found a big change in the attending member numbers thanks to Caroline’s recruitment strategy. With more input the meetings flow smoothly and contain lots of interesting topics.

Present: John Goodwin, Richard Palmer, Carolin...

February 12, 2018

Present :

John Goodwin    Rich Palmer    Caroline Harman Smith

Beryl Lowe    Jennie Rook    Maurice Holloway    Nikki Burrows

Sharon Whitehouse and new member Gill Ainsworth.

Greetings scribes, nice to see some familiar faces at the...

February 4, 2018

Present: John Goodwin, Rich Palmer, Sian Williams, Dee Leigh, Beryl Lowe, Jennie Rook.

Greetings scribes, well the meetings are becoming very interesting and informative with plenty of feedback, even more so if you are writing stories or a book. It is surprising how muc...

January 27, 2018

Venue:  Neos Sports Club, Pegeia.

Present: John Goodwin, Richard Palmer, Beryl Lowe, Dee Leigh, Caroline Harman Smith and new member, Sian Williams.

Greetings scribes, the weather may have resulted in a few members staying warm and cosy in bed but it did not dampen the s...

January 20, 2018

Minutes of the meeting 18.01.18

Greetings scribes, thank goodness for veterans, only four attended the meeting which was not surprising considering the abysmal weather of torrential rain and howling winds. At least we had the heating on.

The veterans were John Goodwin, R...

January 14, 2018

Venue: Neos Sports Club, Pegeia.

Present: John Goodwin, Jennie Rouke, Beryl Lowe, Caroline Harman-Smith Rich Palmer & guest Sian Williams.

Greetings scribes, l must inform you that regular member Carol Robb will no longer be attending for the foreseeable future as she ha...

Location: Neo's Sports Club, Pegeia.

A thought for the new year: If you are having trouble getting started always remember< YOU CAN ALWAYS EDIT A PIECE OF BAD WRITING BUT YOU CANT EDIT A BLANK PAGE.> (With thanks to Maurice Holloway for the quote from Author Jodi Picoul...